造型小巧 简约美观 升级材料 

晶莹通透 强劲磁 长久耐用

内刷双直角刷设计 清除直角污渍和藻类

外刷柔软尼龙起绒布 有效清洁鱼缸表面的水渍和灰尘 不易划伤玻璃表面

内刷韧性尼龙 清洁鱼缸内壁的垃圾和藻类 耐用且方便清洗 


Compact design  simple and aesthetically pleasing

upgraded materials crystal clear and transparent strong

magnetic attraction  long-lasting durability

Inner brush double right angle brush design removes

right angle stains and algae more thoroughly

Brushing a soft nylon lint cloth externally effectively removes

water stains and dust from the surface of the fish tank

making it less likely to scratch the glass surface

Brushing tough nylon inside can clean

the garbage and algae on the inner wall of the fish tank

which is durable and easy to clean

Suitable for various thicknesses of fish tanks

recommended 8-12mm glass for use